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Whether you are tracking food, garments, or even just documents, Blockchain offers you a tracking technology that is fully decentralized with secure and transparent authentication. Manage the full supply chain in one place with resources that allow you to see the process from the most micro granular level to full scale macro. The level of scope available gives you the ability to track items in real time and be able to pin point issues before they become problems.

Trace items from source to final location


Real-Time tracking of transactional data


Ethical awareness through transparency


Fully encrypted data security


Clear & authenticated accountability

Our Blockchain Services

Our service includes access to all Blockchain related services.
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End-to-End implementation of projects in Hyperledger and Ethereum through Smart contracts and chain codes



Development of proof of concept for real-world applications to determine the feasibility of innovative thoughts and ideas



A wide range of smart contract, blockchain consulting services, business model analysis, implementations and integrations

Our Solutions

End-to-End Blockchain solutions in different platforms


End-to-End solutions in
  • Design and develop decentralized applications.
  • Develop Smart Contracts.
  • Implement permissioned and public blockchains.
  • Develop blockchain-based applications in different platforms.
  • Proof of Concepts.
  • Develop production-ready applications and API connects.
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Hyperledger Fabric

Complete permissioned solution in Hyperledger
  • Design and develop decentralized applications.
  • Develop Chain Codes.
  • Work on permission and public blockchains.
  • Develop Blockchain applications in different platforms.
  • Proof of Concepts.
  • Implement production ready applications.
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Blockchain Integrations

Scale up to develop a complete state of the art solution
  • Develop integration services to IoT.
  • Integrate identity management to the Blockchain application.
  • Integrate solutions to query Blockchain data.
  • Integrate Oracles that handles external communications.
  • Integrate certificates into the whole supply chain.
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