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Women Entrepreneurs

We help you to connect with women entrepreneurs and organizations globally to collaborate, support and grow
  • Join the  platform for FREE.
  • Gain access to resources.
  • Access to resources for funding, planning and execution.
  • Reach out to Mentors and advisors.
  • Opportunity to participate in global and regional events.
  • Be part of virtual communities of practice thru communication platform.
  • Develop a white label solution to promote and market your brand and products.
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Local Entrepreneurs

We help you to grow connecting you to the world of opportunities for revenue and growth
  • Join the platform for FREE.
  • Participate in Events and Hackathons.
  • Gain access to National and International market.
  • Establish relations with corporate sectors and other parties of interest.
  • Be part of virtual communities of practice thru communication platform.
  • Use networking to share information and service in areas of common interest.
  • Use platform generated market place to find and share talents and services.
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Micro Entrepreneurs

We help you to develop and maintain access to the market by virtue of connections, support and assistance from corporate sector and governments
  • Join the platform for FREE.
  • Access to resources in your region for collaboration.
  • Learn from and get trained by the mentors.
  • Access to IT resources and future funding sources.
  • Connections  with corporates who supports Micro entrepreneurs.
  • Legal information details.
  • Access to training resources.
  • Portfolio registration.
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Our Services

Each category includes exclusive Workbeans services

Business Beans

For Business

  • Post any project requirements FREE.
  • Hire from a pool of quality talents for your ad-hoc need
  • Build your extended team
  • Communicate with potential business partner or talents
  • Browse  published service packages
  • Receive faster proposals matching your customized requirement
  • Lower your markup cost by working with us
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Talent Beans

For Talents

  • Create services to sell to the customers
  • Connect your services to the customers instantly
  • Publish your service
  • Receive orders from customers
  • Deliver services and get paid 
  • Communicate with customers
  • Use the Workbeans  invoice and payment engine for payment management
  • Publish your profile to get hired
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Startup Beans

For Startups

  • Register your profile with Workbeans
  • Publish your e-catalogue to the world
  • Be part of the startup eco system accessible to potential customers
  • Reach out to the startup directly as an individual or a business
  • Provides gateway to connect corporate sectors on business opportunities
  • Participate and connect with events and fairs
  • Invoice and get paid through the Workbeans payment engine
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Enterprise Beans

For Enterprises

  • Custom branding
  • External domain mapping
  • White label solution
  • Infrastructure hosting
  • Manage exclusive site content and brand positioning
  • Manage and Monitor the deliverables
  • Gain access to service partners and training programs
  • Access to custom tests, screening of talents
  • Support and assistance through the inhouse support teams
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Our Partners

Our partners serve globally with
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across different work categories.

In the future, employees won't be necessary

Remote work is on the rise across the globe. Work directly with Workbeans to build your extended team and grow your business.