About us

Workbeans was formed to support today's new ways of working. We imagined a world where everyone worked on multiple assignments for multiple stakeholders without corporate structures in between.

This freedom will result in much higher productivity, creativity and work life balance than ever before in history. We believe that by 2030 more than 50% or more of humans will work virtually. Workbeans is a talent market place that provides services through the talents and the service partners to the corporate sectors and organizations across boundaries. Connecting talents for a short or long term work has become easier than never before with a pool of talent services across varied sectors, experiences and knowledge.

The platform enables best prices, availability and quality choices for Vendors, individual talents and customers. For the customers we will have the capability to access a wide range of niche individual talents and service partners at ease.

The platform serves as a one-stop shop to meet the talent needs of the organizations to provide services in various sectors, ranging from Information technology through training from service partners, individual talents and startups.

Our Leadership Team

Alexander ezhkov

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Alexander Ezhkov is the Chief Executive Officer of Workbeans Inc. based out of USA. Mr. Ezhkov with his vast global experience realized that there is a gap in the world to reach out for resources for project executions. His brainchild is the development of a market place that enables global reach for services.

Mr. Ezhkov holds a Masters Degree in IT and PhD degree in economics allow him to apply conceptual evaluation of existing opportunities and find optimal solutions.

Mr. Ezhkov brings more than 30 years of experience to the business globally and has varied experiences in the Public and Private sectors across the globe. He was in charge of Internet and Intranet development and operations at the United Nations Headquarters in New York for many years.

Mr. Ezhkov also has been involved in numerous enterprise-wide projects across UN Secretariat working directly with the field missions that falls in line with the various Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. He possesses a strong leadership record in taking projects to success.

He was the Chief, Technical Head of a major ERP implementation at the United Nations across 193 member states. For several years he was Chief of the Centre of Excellence in United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific in Thailand. He was instrumental in setting up the first Offshore Development center for the United Nations in Asia to support 193 member states. His contributions to the growth and the success are noteworthy.

During his career, he has worked in different countries and on different continents - Asia, Africa, Europe and America. His global exposure is very much instrumental to design strategies for Workbeans to contribute to the customers and society.

Prabu Subramanian

Head - Product development

Prabu Subramanian is a passionate technologist always looking for opportunities to improve current practice with innovative thinking. Prabu has designed and implemented several projects with state of the art technology across different vertical streams.

Prabu has his Masters in computer science and has been involved in research and innovations across various industries in the field of computer science.