Our Vision

Workbeans was formed to support today's new ways of working. We imagined a world where everyone worked on multiple assignments for multiple stakeholders without corporate structures in between.

Workbeans has a large vested interest in the environment, social responsibility and accountability along with an additional focus on Corporations. Workbeans supports design, development and services related to various solutions using high-end technologies related to Blockchain, Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things(IoT) while working closely with international bodies and the private sector.

Workbeans online platform serves as a one-stop shop to meet the needs of the organizations and corporations to provide services in various sectors from Information technology, HR technology to Agriculture and supply chain management. The platform enables the best services, to corporations across the world.

Our leaders

Chief Executive Officer – Alexander Ezhkov

Mr. Alexander Ezhkov is the Chief Executive Officer of Workbeans Inc. based out of USA.

Mr. Ezhkov holds a Masters Degree in IT and PhD degree in economics that allow him to apply conceptual evaluation of existing opportunities and find optimal solutions.

Mr. Ezhkov brings more than 30 years of experience to the business globally and has varied experiences in the Public and Private sectors across the globe. He was in charge of Internet and Intranet development and operations at the United Nations Headquarters in New York for many years.

Head of Product development - Prabu Subramanian

Prabu Subramanian is a passionate technologist always looking for opportunities to improve current practice with innovative thinking. Prabu has designed and implemented several projects with state of the art technology across different vertical streams.

Prabu has his Masters in computer science and has been involved in research and innovations across various industries in the field of computer science.

Our customers

We work with a large group of customers both in governmental and private sectors.

Where we are

Workbeans has offices and representatives in the United States, Thailand, Hong Kong and in India.