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Bevywise Networks is an IOT Startup that can provide end to end solution for automating your environment for better productivity and error free operation.
Our expertise are :
— Building SaaS based distributed and highly scalable solution.
— Experts in MQTT and other protocols for Industrial IoT communication.
— Edge Device development over ESP8266 , Raspberry Pi and Arduino.
— Provides PCB Circuit designs and industrial design ideas.
— Experts in Data Storage, analytics and Visualisation engines like Elastic, Spark, Kibana and more..
— Having prebuilt tools for faster development.
— User Interface / UX design for the Industrial need and home need for IoT.
— Hosting of Solution in AWS, Google Cloud and Azure and any virtual servers on the cloud.

We have been building complete end to end user and business solution for some time from now. We have a overall experience of around 18 years building enterprise solutions on networking and customer tools. As a company, we have 2+ years of experience building IoT Frameworks and Developer tools and end customer solutions.


Programmers and Developers
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things

Expertise Skillls & Endorsements

Artificial Intelligence IOT PHP Content Writing Technical Writing