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Joshua is a television radio and event host Master of Ceremonies a speaker and a” Dream Designer” as CEO of Live Mana Worldwide which specializes in brand development strategic planning and partnerships. Considered to be a “master connector”and “dream designer” Joshua T. Berglan has a gift for creating synergy between the products brands and people he represents. He utilizes his business development experience and esteemed connections to birth strategic partnerships and promotes those with whom he works. Joshua’s ventures in business development speaking hosting radio and film are all rooted in his belief that his purpose is to serve others. As such he fought for the rights of the disabled for 22 years as the Vice President of Medical Specialty Supply of Oklahoma and as Director of Business Development and Director of Contracting for NuMotion. In his roles Joshua negotiated contracts ensuring patients received proper complex rehab medical equipment; met with heads of major insurance companies across the country; and helped to change laws on behalf of the disabled. He also regularly processed over $1.5 Million per month in sales orders. Joshua’s early experiences solidified his devotion to purposeful collaboration. He feels strongly that everything he does must be for the greater good of all involved hence his next venture. Joshua launched another business close to his heart after his father’s death due to malignant melanoma the most serious type of skin cancer. His company Mana Healthcare Solutions became the sole distributor of a stem cell-based medical-grade skincare line. His efforts along with his team helped to take the skincare line public and brought healing to many patients suffering with dermatological ailments across the country. Coincidentally while launching this highly desirable product Joshua had the opportunity to introduce it to several world-renowned physicians and their celebrity clientele. Thus gaining their trust and cinching his entrance into the world of entertainment. After making these pivotal connections Joshua began working as a consultant for several brands in product placement in television film and print advertising. His production credits include the 2016 & 2017 Official Daytime Emmy’s Gifting Suite; the 2016 & 2017 Oscar’s Viewing Party; the 2015 ESPYs Gifting Suite; the 2017 L.A. City Gala; and the 2017 Breeder’s Cup After Party. Joshua’s keen eye and experience have him identify and create synergies amongst unlikely partners that lead to relationships of mutual success and growth in revenue. Through strategic planning product launch/brand revival media exposure and sales Joshua’s clients experience lasting relationships and a healthy balance sheet from newly formed partnerships through win-win scenarios he creates. Industries of experience include celebrity brand development luxury brands skincare cosmetic healthcare CBD cannabis and luxury travel.


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