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As an experienced Mechatronic Engineer and Product designer I have designed and taken to market various products that included all components of these projects such as electrical electronic mechanical and other components as well as functional form factor. I am also fluent in English unlike many other Freelancers here who end up costing more due to rework and redesign as a result of poor communication. I am also able to deliver professional engineering data packs from projects should this be required. These include detailed specifications engineering drawings and other relevant information to take your product to market or to submit your patent. I work under NDA. I also work in a professional design studio with 12 high-end FDM/SLA/SLS 3D Printers (I don't use cheap desktop 3d printers) and also a myriad of other electronic and mechanical fabrication tools and equipment. This enables me to deliver turn-key projects and prototypes all delivered in-house according to spec.


Rapid Prototyping
Computer Hardware Design
Hardware Prototyping