How Workbeans Works

We help customers find and hire talented freelancers and agencies that make getting work done swiftly,efficiently and at a competitive price

Access top global talents

Join Workbeans and get started by creating a short profile.

Create a job posting for free.

Talents get notified based on your required project skills.

Directly book talents online through the booking engine and request an interview or a discussion based on the online talent profile.

Seek an online proposal through Workbeans from the prospective talent and agree on the deliverables.

Create a project agreement and get started

Validate and shortlist the talent proposals interested in your project.

Discuss or setup interviews with the talents.

Communicate with the talent with the in-built messaging tool.

Sign up the contract agreement.

Start your work engagement with the talent.

Manage and monitor efficiently

Use the Workbeans file management system to share files and documents to the talent.

Use the workbeans in-built tool to receive and accept comments or feedback.

Agree and accept the deliverables.

Pay the talents based on approved deliverables through our secured payment system.

Track the pending invoices and payments through our payment dashboard.

Price for customers

Access the Workbeans talent and create a job posting for free.

All project postings include

    • - Free talent search.
    • - Posting for unlimited number of days.
    • - Receipt of proposals from all interested talents
    • - Workbeans messaging system
    • - Hourly, daily and milestone based project payments.
    • *a flat fee of 20% of the total project amount.
    • The flat fee charge will vary based on the project value.

We provide global projects

Create a profile that demonstrates your expertise with portfolio and professional links, experience and skills.

Talents browse the job postings and express their interest that matches the skills.

Workbeans and customers send you project recommendations, booking requests and invites based on your profile.

Reply promptly to the notifications and grab the contracts.

Get your work started with a customer contract

Receive booking request from employers interested in working with you.

Receive notifications from the customers based on your profile registered.

Submit comprehensive proposals to let customers know your expertise and interest.

With the built-in tools communicate, negotiate and strike a contract for free.

Plan and meet your deadlines as agreed.

Flexible work modes of hourly, daily and fixed rates. Guaranteed payments.

Upload your deliverables to the Workbeans file management or deliverables section.

Send hourly, daily and fixed invoices from your deliverables.

Receive payments directly into your bank account through Workbeans secured payment system.

Track all your project pending, paid and outstanding payments from your payment dashboard.

Price for talents


You get all the money you quote except the payment transfer charges