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Order management for opening range breakout using Kite API This is a simple first fifteen minute breakout (15 minute opening range breakout) system on selected given shortlisted stocks for the intraday. The first fifteen minutes and then use the high and low of this "fifteen minute range" as support and resistance levels. The goal is to scan the given stocks based on fifteen minute breakout and generate buy/sell signals. The target & stop-loss are fifteen minute bar high-low difference. Also it should track the number of stocks being limited to ten positions manage required order management and portfolio trailing target/stop-loss automatically. Complete strategy has to be developed in Python. Key Requirements ------------------ 1. Live data retrieval from Zerodha Kite API for given stocks 2. Track first 15 minute bar place SL order for high/low breakout both side & look for order status of each given stock for completion. 3. Track target if met cancel the stop loss order & mark the profit. 4. Take reverse entry on Stop-Loss along with reverse TGT & SL. Reverse entry is only one time & exit on 2nd stop loss hit. 5. Track positions of portfolio count portfolio target & stop loss. Exit all if portfolio target met or portfolio stop loss hit. 6. Display status of each stocks entry exit profit time portfolio profit etc …..on every tic. 7. Need sufficient Error handling & display proper error message whenever it encounters

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