Local Entrepreneur

We help you to grow connecting you to the world of opportunities for revenue and growth

Creation of Portfolio

Join the portal for FREE with a nice attractive portfolio that clearly depicts your unique ability to serve and deliver. Portfolios will be accessed by potential customers and your portfolio links we referred to the potential customers looking for service providers and business expansions.

Create services

You can create the service packages in the system that will be made available to the customers for review and purchases. By way of the service packages you publish online, you increase your market reach.


Access to corporate sectors

Your portfolio will be accessible to all the customers and corporates registered in the portal. Customers from different work categories browse the portal and the portfolio created will be reviewed and selected for next steps.

Provide Proposals

Receive customized proposals from our service partners matching your requirements in our Workbeans platform. For larger engagements, receive a free project consultation and follow-up from us.


Start delivering Product/Service

Shortlist the proposals in the Workbeans platform, agree on the terms and conditions, sign the contract to be direct with the service provider, saving time and effort.

Marketing support

Receive the marketing support through the Workbeans global marketing program. This includes digital online, Events, blogs, content and offline events. This will contribute to the direct and indirect brand promotions across regions that will be difficult to reach as a local entrepreneur. You become a micro-multinational.