Blockchain for Fashion

In the past lack of transparency in fashion industry was considered as a competitive advantage, since no one could manufacture identical apparel. No one knew the actual supplier. Transparency has often been limited to the "made in" labels, which may only reference the last part of the production process and are not insightful on anything before that point. Recent years witnessed a significant shift in this philosophy and it is now an advantage to tell the consumers where the products are coming from. Blockchain provides a transparency of the entire supply chain, which becomes a strong selling point. By using blockchain technology we provide the following basic benefits in ethical fashion industry:

  • All items can be traced from source to final delivery location
  • Availability of real time data for current and past transactions
  • Transparency in the process leads to ethical awareness
  • Fully encrypted security in data tracking
  • Clear and authenticated accountability for stake holders

Blockchain for Agriculture

We track food from farm to fork through our Blockchain application. We use smart forms to capture information from the growers to record in the Blockchain supply chain solution. The complete traceability of the food is managed in the Blockchain traceability module that includes, details about the seed, farming methodology, raw materials, nutrient levels, pack house information, grading information, distributions and certifications. The product allows facilities to integrate IoT data through APIs into the Blockchain system to deliver an ecosystem of traceability through Blockchain, trust through automated sensors and intelligence through Artificial Intelligence. The application provides:

  • User interface to the grower to choose the applicable information.
  • Participation of various actors in the supply chain.
  • A certification module for certification bodies to provide
    organic and sustainable certifications.
  • Marketplace for growers and buyers.
  • Supply chain module to track products from farm to fork.
  • Crowd funding facility through Blockchain to support farmers.

Blockchain for Talent Management

We track profiles, contracts, milestones delivery and payment through our Blockchain empowered solution for freelancers and contiguous workers. It is always difficult to track the work delivery of a temporary employee or freelancer to the program they are linked. Our solution provides immutability to the authenticity of the data at any times to track the profile, contracts and payments at any time from anywhere in the world. The project provides greater increase in trust for the freelancers and contiguous workers improving their profile rating and success on the projects that can be used by anyone in any part of the world. Workbeans uses Ethereum platform to track and trace the entire process chain. The application provides:

  • User interface to enter the profiles.
  • A rating model to track the performance of the freelancers and temporary employees.
  • Integration of intelligent system for screening.
  • Marketplace for contingent workers.
  • Trust and traceability to track the deliverables.
  • Sharing of the profile recorded in Blockchain to the prospective customer.

Blockchain and API

The Blockchain for contract management allows the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language processing (NLP) to identify templates to convert into an editable form for the users to create an online form for various industrial vertical solutions. This also allows, the users to digitally route the form through a workflow for approvals, validations, verifications and certifications before it is recorded into the Blockchain platform. The platform can be used to digitally sign any agreement and can be integrated into any business application through an API. The application can:

  • Help users save time for manual routing an validation.
  • Assist users take legal opinion without the physical presence.
  • Provide traceability through time and date for the various actions.
  • Smart assistance through AI to easily and quickly rollout an application template.
  • Create a template on the fly.