Women Entrepreneur

We help you connect with women entrepreneurs and organizations globally to collaborate, support and grow

Business plan

You gain access to resources on how to create a business plan that is competitive and unique. Along with this access to various tools on how a business plan should be created. Business plans can be created with specialized online resources. On top of this, you can also use the availability of talents and services from the market place

Fund raising

Starting and sustaining a business depends on funds. You will have exclusive access to crowd funding platforms that could sell and generate funding for you. You will have access to resources on how to approach fund-raising and also information on how to create a platform for fund raising. Apart from this you will gain access to various funding resources as well.



Workspaces are very important in every business, and you have to choose the right work space to run your business. Through this platform you will get access to work with co-workspace options and identify resources where you can use pay-as-you-go service. You can compare this with the traditional serviced spaces to run your business successful. You can also find information related to running a business from home.


To start a business an entrepreneur should use all the available materials to learn and start. Workbeans provides access to materials online on how to start and develop a business model. The entrepreneurs also will have access to materials related taxation and legal procedures. Additional training materials related to webcast and webinars will be available online. Workbeans partners with training providers to provide face-to-face or live training as well,


Grow your business

In the modern days expansion not only means expansion through internationalization. You can expand your business by going digital through Workbeans platform by creating a well-crafted portfolio. Create your portfolio in the portal. You can create digital services in the platform by creating service packages if applicable.

Business partnerships

Growth hacking can be done through business partnerships through corporate sectors. A business partnership through different service providers is very important for any entrepreneur to succeed. The platform offers features to reach out to the organizations of interest to handshake for a possible service agreement. You can initiate project delivery through a digital contract through the platform and earn revenue and growth.


Technology partnerships

Partnership on technology access varies from region to region. It is important you as entrepreneur handshakes digitally with other product portfolio partners to learn collaborate and share technology for mutual benefits. If you excel in technology with your unique portfolio, growth is imminent. You can use the platform for exchange of information, by signing in a contract of agreement to grow.

Access to corporate sectors

Workbeans platform provides you with a large pool of corporate sectors and companies who are always on the lookout of services across the global and regionally. Workbeans platform offers you provisions to provide services that can contribute to the revenue growth and lead to market growth hacking. Through the platform you get recommended and get connected. You get paid after you deliver the work based on the contract you sign.


Innovation & research

Innovation and research is very much important in the changing world. Various corporate sectors trigger innovations through entrepreneurs by working on the common domain. Through the platform you can sign and agree on a contract to get mutual benefits, thereby increasing your market value.

Marketing support

Marketing is of prime importance for any organization and by signing in to the platform you will gain access to Marketing support through blogs, events, online and offline marketing. You also get an exposed through our network of global marketing partners to the world of opportunities. By virtue of this, you receive inquiries and contracts digitally.

Events & Hackathons

Events and fairs are important act as a catalyst of growth. You will receive periodical invitations for the events we conduct regionally. This will be an opportunity to showcase the products to the potential customers. Based on your product type, you can also gain networking opportunities from all over the world and receive special invitations on innovative products.


Access to corporate sectors

Corporations play a major role in the world of economy and it is indeed required, to connect with the pool of companies who are potential buyers of your services or products. You can provide services and work for revenue growth and market invasion. The platform helps you to get recommended and selected and starts work.

Service Collaboration

Our collaboration on various categories